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Cool print ad technology

Advertisements in the magazines are common. But this looks more interesting. Imagine if we can watch a movie using a book or magazine. I think users will like it because the book/magazine is portable and can easily bring along with us.I think the “movie magazines” will be more popular than the DVDs.

Happillow, the ultimate alarm clock snore detecting pillow

This pillow has the ability to display the clock on a soft display made on fabric under the pillow surface. It can function as an alarm and also detects snoring.The user need to shake the pillow to off the alarm, so that he definately need to wake up and shake it.The pillow has a snore detection function,so that it vibrates when the user snore. The concept is  innovative and creative.

Watch this video in a new windowLight-emitting shirts!

This is a new technology Philips is showcasing at IFA 2006 in Berlin. It’s amazing! They are integrating LEDs into fabric and had some jackets and a couch there.
Some of us like to print our own designs on the t-shirt. LEDs t-shirt create an dynamic effect. I think by doing this,the t-shirt can be more personal and stylish.If we are able to design our own LED t-shirt, there will be more fun and we can customise our LED t-shirt and let it be the only one piece in the world, like the limited edition for overselves.


Presentation video for a concept of an interactive music player. On of the projects from the Interactive Technology Design Course.

This interactive music player looks different from the music players we are using. I think the concept is refresh and creative.It is small and portable, so that is convenient to bring out. Instead of pressing the buttons, we can twist and use color light to control it.Like Ipod,new concept-rotating instead of pressing.

Transparency Iron

The transparent B-IRON 725 makes getting those pesky wrinkles out and crisp creases in with ease. It takes the guess work out without sacrificing quality.

I think this is one of the designs can make our daily life more interesting. Imagine you have to iron your clothes in such a warm weather. Good designs of the iron will definately feel better. For those housewives doing a lot of house works at home, i believe that nice designs will make them to have a good mood too.

Meltdown chair(s)

From: http://netdiver.net/meltdown-chairs

Now that is original! The chairs are created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a stack of common plumbing tubes. Meltdown Chair version #1 and version #2 by Tom Price.

Interesting and Special.

Soda Seal w_progressive ad

Imagine the can drink in Singapore can be sealed back if we cannot finish. It could be quite a good idea and i’m sure local people will like it. We do not need to carry the half bottle full can around in our hands and can just throw it in the handbag.

the boxdoodle project

Pictures found on the website: http://www.neu-e.de/ . I would like to share this website. Interesting stuffs made by recycled  papers/box. I think it is a good combination of recycling items and design. The designs are quite colorful and attractive. It will also encourage people to make use of the recycled stuff to make some fun.

Cool Toilet Technology

It cleans the toilet seat with that green box! I didn’t see this in Singapore yet. It is a much simpler solution to clean the toilet seat. Instead of using plastic seat covers in most of the public toilets, the toilet seat rotates and get cleaned by the “green box”.It is more environmentally friendly.

This is pretty cool because i think we really  need this in public toilets. Clean and hygiene! This is a smart idea so that will benefit our daily life, so much!